1. Short-term debt securities issued by government or local governments to pay the debt , the payment of the return comes from a particular source , such as debt securities issued in anticipation of income tax revenue or other cash income in the future ;
  2. Certificate entitles the bearer to buy securities , gold or other commodities at a price level , or a specific period of time when the future ; subcription also called warrants ; bid price , usually , above the prevailing market price ; it contrary to an offer of new securities that are usually offered at below-market prices ; instrument is offered to the public in a form that can be freely traded on the stock market ; purchase warrants ( shares ) ( warrant );
  3. Securities issued by a company which entitles the holder to subscribe shares of the company at a certain price for 6 (six) months or more.

A written statement about someone’s will about certain things to be done over the person's assets and belongings after the death of the person.

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