Circumstances indicate increased purchasing power of money in a certain period due to the amount of money in circulation is relatively smaller than the amount of goods and services available (deflation).


Designation nominal value of money , stock , and so on ( denomination ) .


Part of the net income in accordance with the General Meeting of Shareholders ( AGM ) which is set to be distributed to the shareholders as profit on share ownership ( dividend ) .
Dividend is the advantage given by the company and came from the company's income. Dividend given after approval of the shareholders in the AGM. If an investor wants to get the dividend, then the investor must hold the shares in a relatively long period of time that is up to the ownership of these shares are recognized in the period in which the shareholder is entitled to a dividend.
Dividends distributed by companies can be either a cash dividend - meaning given to shareholders in the form of cash dividends within a certain amount of money for each share - or can be in the form of stock dividends which means the dividend each shareholder is given a number of shares that the number of shares owned by an investor will increase with the stock dividend distribution.


Diversification is one strategy in investment by locating the investment in many investment instruments to lower the risk.

The words “don’t put the eggs in one basket” applied in this investment strategy. It means, investor must locate the fund in investment instruments differently, with expectation if the investment in one instrument loss, so it will be covered by the other instrument that profitable.

Discretionary Fund

Discretionary Fund is a form of fund management of investors made with bilateral agreements between investors and investment managers.

This agreement usually includes binding parties (in example: investors and investment managers), applicable terms and conditions, investment limits, contract term, portfolio management fees, reporting, and other provisions deemed necessary by both parties to be included in the agreement. A part of the agreement also included Power of Attorney (Surat Kuasa) where in this case, the investor gives the attorney to investment manager to doing the investment activity in the name of the investor. Discretionary Fund agreement can be signed or agreed with a duty stamp or authorized in front of the notary

Though equally managed by investment manager and the fund invested in stock portfolio, discretionary fund and mutual fund are different investment products.


Deposit is product from a bank that promises a fixed rate with a fixed period of time. Not only in the form of Rupiah, deposits are also stored in foreign currency.

The time period that offered by the bank is varieties, start from 1, 3, 5, 12 or 24 months. Each bank offers a competitive interest rate. Mostly, deposit can’t be taken before the due date, except the client is willing to pay the penalty fee.

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