The movement of fund from one account which has relatively low interest rate to another account with higher interest rate.

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR).

Ratio of bank’s capital adequacy which is measured by comparing the capital with the Risk Based Weighted Assets.

Cheque; Check
  1. A sign of scratch or similar on something that states it has been verified; 
  2. Customer’s written order to the bank to withdraw a certain amount of their fund under the customer’s own name or the bearer.
Custodian Bank

Custodian Bank are parties appointed by Investment Manager based on Kontrak Investasi Kolektif (KIK), which is responsible for safeguarding activity, administration and other activity related to Mutual Fund assets in accordance with Undang-Undang no. 8 of 1995 about Capital Market and Peraturan Bapepam-LK no. IV.B.2 about guidelines for Contract of Investment Fund in the form of collective investment contract and Bapepam Regulation No.IV.A.5 about guidelines for Contract of Mutual Fund safeguarding in a form of corporate fund.

In order to fulfilling their function in mutual fund transaction, Custodian Bank act as a party that receive and pay the fund to the investor. When investor make a purchase, the money that deposited will be receive to the account on behalf of mutual fund in custodian bank, not to the investment manager’s account. Otherwise, when the investor makes a sale, back to the mutual fund, Custodian Bank will transfer the fund from mutual fund investment to the investor, not from the investment manager’s account.

In other words, investment manager do not have any access or authority to investor’s fund, because the fund deposited in custodian bank, so the investment in the form of mutual fund becomes more secure for the investor.

Capital gain

Capital gain adalah keuntungan yang diperoleh investor dari kenaikan harga instrumen investasi dibandingkan dengan harga ketika instrumen tersebut dibeli.

Dalam hal reksa dana, harga diwakili oleh nilai aktiva bersih (NAB) per unit. Contoh, apabila seorang investor reksa dana menjual reksa dana dengan NAB yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan NAB pada saat ia membelinya, maka investor tersebut mendapat capital gain (keuntungan).

Cost Averaging

Cost Averaging or Dollar Cost Averaging is strategy in investment by making regular investment with the same amount over a period of time by disregard the unit/net asset value price at that time

The purpose of this strategy is to lower the risk that might be emerged if we invest in a big amount simultaneously.

This strategy is fitted with investor with small capital or fund and have the purpose to invest in a long term to be achieved, in example: for school fees, marriage expenses, retire fund and many more.

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