1. Family relationship by marriage and descent to the second degree, both horizontally and vertically;
  2. The relationship between the Party and its employees, directors, or commissioners;
  3. Relationship between the two (2) companies with one or more members of the board of directors or board of commissioners;
  4. The relationship between the company and the Party, either directly or indirectly, controls or is controlled by the company;
  5. Relationship between the two (2) companies that are controlled, either directly or indirectly, by the same parties, or
  6. The relationship between the company and major shareholders.
A person or entity that is authorized or appointed to represent or act on behalf of another person or entity and have a fixed relationship with the represented; bank agents can also act as a consideration in several activities such as being a custodian and or trustee.
Agent Guarantor

Agency that guarantees payment of the goods sold and receive an additional commission (del credere agent).

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is investment strategy by allocating certain portion of assets and quality to each asset in order to balance expected risks and returns, according to the investment horizon and investor risk profile.

Asset Under Management

Asset Under Management or AUM is the total fund or wealth of a mutual fund that is calculated on the market value of the assets managed by the investment manager on behalf of the investor.

Asset Backed Securities

Asset Backed Securities is a stock portfolio consisting of financial asset in the form of claims that appear from commercial letter, credit card bills, future receivable, a set of debts, loans including house or apartment ownership, debt securities guaranteed by the government, credit or cash flow, and equal financial asset and other financial assets related to those financial assets

These financial assets that have been compiled into one, makes small and invaluable assets become valuable, and with that diversification can lower the risk. The securitization of these assets makes these assets as an investment vehicle for investors.

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